Dynamo launches Touch+, turns any surface into a trackpad

Following a successful Kickstarter project, Ractiv hired Dynamo to launch their renamed modern day mouse, Touch+, by targeting consumer and technology media. Dynamo set up a West Coast USA media tour, developed a launch media plan, managed worldwide press outreach, as well as providing website and video development, social media and SEO services for the client.

Darren Lim, Ractiv Co-Founder, explains: “Touch+ only uses two normal cameras, so the magic happens in the software. While 3D tracking tech is fun to play with, Touch+ is the first to give it a very practical application that everyone loves using: multitouch. After more than 50 years of relying on the mouse, we’re excited to offer a form of interaction that’s simple, comfortable, and full of possibilities. We hope Touch+ will lead the way in showing how much more we can achieve by bringing multitouch and gestures to computers and other devices”.

The launch, on 5th August, has already seen widespread tier one consumer media coverage across UK, US, China, Canada, Spain and Japan including EngadgetDaily MailTom’s HardwarePC WorldThe Next WebSlashgearStuff.tv and more.

To find about more about Touch+, visit Ractiv’s website.

Peter Bowles
Peter Bowles
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