Bathrooms.com case study

Using PR generated content to get to No 1 on Google

Our challenge

Bathrooms.com came to us with a business problem. An update from Google had caused the website to disappear when ‘bathrooms’ was typed into the search engine. This had caused traffic to the site to dwindle, reduced orders and hurt the company overnight. We were brought in to show how PR could generate original content that Google would see as interesting in its own right.

What we did together

We established that unique content was required to drive traffic for the term ‘bathroom suites’ – a highly fought after term on the search engine within the Bathrooms and DIY industry.

Our team looked at the problem differently, and realised that owning the misspelling of ‘bathroom sweets’ (which 2 million consumers were searching every month) could gazump the competition. Our strategy was to use the misspelling online with original digital content and a great stunt. So we set about creating a chocolate bathroom.

“It was highly creative and shows how powerful and fully thought out the best PR can be.”

Ian Monk, founder and CEO at Bathrooms.com

What happened?

Dynamo worked with a chocolatier to create a life-size, chocolate bathroom suite, exclusively for sale on purpose-built microsite bathroomsweets.com. We built the microsite, featuring commissioned CGI imagery of the bathroom suite, bespoke copy and real product pages. We worked with the Plain English Campaign to add grammatical authority to the project.

A confectionary event to launch the campaign was hosted in central London. We worked with the client to sell the bathroom with an £80,000 price tag. We took media imagery, quotes on the campaign and fun details – for example that the suite contained 9.4 million calories. The campaign was also supported with competitions on social media.

Changing Bathroom.com’s story

Bathroomsweets.com went live and was quickly reported by nationals and lifestyle press internationally including the MailOnline, ABC News and Elle Décor. 133 pieces of coverage were secured globally reaching a circulation of over 350 million. 92% of coverage using follow links, 72 high level links, 56 medium links secured – important for getting the site back on Google.

The rankings for bathroom suites rose to the top of Google, hitting over a year’s SEO targets at once. Not only that, but the campaign had a positive impact on the whole business, increasing the domain authority of Bathrooms.com above that of key competitors; moving from 4th to 1st place. This campaign was the most successful PR work ever carried out for Bathrooms.com.

Key results

  • 133pieces of coverage
  • 350 milglobal circulation reach
  • 128high and medium links
  • 1ranking on Google

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