Bluesmart case study

Launching the first ever smart suitcase

Our challenge

We had landed on the moon before wheels were put on suitcases, and it wasn’t until over two decades later that the suitcase evolved again. Bluesmart were the ones to change that. They wanted to bring the suitcase into the 21st century and keep up with our tech lifestyles by launching the first smart and connected carry-on. Bluesmart needed to raise $50,000 to make their smart suitcase a reality.

What we did together

Launching a world’s first of a product creates excitement, but to turn coverage into backers we need to make sure that people understand the product and why they need it in their lives. We worked with Bluesmart to tell a compelling story and keep the fun and humor of Bluesmart in the Indiegogo campaign, to grow brand recognition at the same time as raising funds.

We wanted to take Bluesmart beyond the tech press, which usually covered crowdfunding campaigns and into the lifestyle and travel media to build as big of a consumer base as possible.

We knew a competitor was looking to launch a similar product, and we had to get in there first to make sure that Bluesmart was always the first brand people referenced when talking about a connected suitcase.

“The Dynamo team have a great reputation for launching smart technology and driving targeted sales around the world.”

Alejo Verlini, co-founder of Bluesmart

What happened?

In just over two hours, Bluesmart had raised their $50,000 goal and over the 30 day campaign they went on to reach over $2.2million thanks to 10,000 plus backers. Bluesmart was hailed the world’s first high-tech suitcase in the media including Engadget, Mashable, Mail Online, TechCrunch and Fast Company to name a few.

Not only did we successful launch Bluesmart before the competitor, but we also got Bluesmart mentioned in articles covering the competitor launch.

Changing Bluesmart’s story

Following the first campaign, Bluesmart achieved international recognition from media and celebrities including Usain Bolt, Tony Hawk and Casey Neistat. Bluesmart went on to launch a smart luggage set on Indiegogo which we supported on and helped them raise a further $2million.

Key results

  • $2.2M funding raised
  • 10,983backers
  • 100+pieces of coverage
  • 1stsmart suitcase to market

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