Chipolo case study

Driving the best ever sales with PR

Our challenge

Covering over 200 countries, Chipolo has built one of the largest Lost and Found networks, helping people find over 50,000 items a day including keys, wallets, passports and laptops. They wanted to continue to build brand awareness to drive sales as well as grow their community and network to help even more people keep track of their belongings.

Chipolo wanted to focus on the UK, which they had done little promotion in before. We needed to get people talking about Chipolo and take on well known tracking brands to secure our share of the market.

What we did together

The first thing we had to do was get Chipolo in front of journalists, and ensure they knew what set Chipolo apart from other trackers such as the colourful design and removable battery. We also wanted to show the versatility of the range of products and fix our place in the shopping pages.

We positioned Chipolo trackers as the perfect present, whether it’s for Christmas, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, for the millions who lose items – especially when the average person spends three days a year searching for their belongings!

“Dynamo understood the importance of creating a great community… and the importance that a tracker on your keys or purse needs to be fun and stylish if you’re taking it with you everywhere!”

Nika Kramžar, CMO, Chipolo

What happened?

We identified which Chipolo tracking device would resonate with different press, and their readers, then conducted a big media drive to secure reviews and product placement on shopping pages and gift guides. We secured coverage across Evening Standard, Metro, Lonely Planet, the Sunday Express and much more.

For the launch of Chipolo fruit edition, the cutest fruit themed trackers, we put together the ultimate summer kit as a reminder that holidays and festivals can quickly become memorable for all the wrong reasons when you lose your things.

Changing Chipolo’s story

Chipolo is now seen as one of the leading tracking devices for consumers, a big step for the brand that was barely mentioned in the media less than a year ago. The campaign for the fruit edition was the most successful to date, and thanks to the demand Chipolo extended sales for an additional month.

Key results

  • 21pieces of coverage
  • 170Monline readership
  • 249Kestimated coverage views
  • 3.41Mcirculation

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