Depop case study

Establishing a brand against eBay

Our challenge

Depop, the social shopping app, wanted more traction in the UK with millenials. The idea of social shopping isn’t new, most of us have heard of eBay, so we needed to position Depop as the alternative – the younger, fresher, and cooler way to buy and sell items. Imagine if eBay and instagram merged together seamlessly.

What we did together

We understood that buyers and sellers on Depop is what gave it its advantage. We saw celebrities, influencers and entrepreneurs already using the platform to sell their items. We knew that there was a lot of great content on the app, and wanted to capitalise on the users and the items they were selling to take depop to the media. Through the users we could tap into the lifestyle, fashion and niche vertical press to spread the word to our target audience. We needed to do an influencer campaign before the term was even coined in the industry.

"A favourite of the bloggers with Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad and Aimee Song of Song of Style both being members"

Marie Claire

What happened?

We worked with Depop, identifying key users on the platform who we could turn their stories into media coverage. The team spotted trends and created case studies to show real life examples of how influencers were using the app. We held events for a real life depop experience, inviting press and bloggers, some were tempted enough to buy items there and then!

The team set up media interviews with well known influencers including Tess Holliday and announced sellers with a profile joining the platform. We went to vertical press and bloggers with specific examples of what can be found on the app.

Changing Depop’s story

Depop went from being a relatively underground shopping platform to going mainstream with users such as Dita Von Teese helping to further ignite the app. We secured high profile coverage across lifestyle, fashion and nationals including Grazia, Stylist, LOOK, the guardian and the Independent.

The campaign helped to expand the app to the US, securing funding and that announcement covered by WIRED, TechCrunch, The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal. Our team directly drove downloads of Depop, making it the more ‘current’ way for influencers, celebrities and millenials to sell their wardrobe. Our campaign resulted in those big names joining the platform and creating an ongoing storyline for the app.

Key results

  • 50+pieces of lifestyle coverage
  • 12media attended Shop My Closet event
  • 4Mdownloads
  • 59 pieces of coverage for funding announcement

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