Improbable case study

Securing the front cover of the Financial Times

Our challenge

How do you reach people with a God-complex? Games developers have to create new universes that appeal to millions of people, from the hot plains of the wild west in Red Dead Redemption to the zero gravity atmospheres in Mass Effect. Behind the scenes this is a complex development issue needing top B2B partners. That’s where our tech client Improbable steps in.

Improbable has developed SpatialOS – a revolutionary cloud-based platform that enables the creation of enormous, persistent online worlds. Founded by Cambridge University computer-science graduates in 2012, the company wanted, and needed, developers to use SpatialOS to develop games in order for it to grow.

The overall objectives for the campaign included educating developers on what SpatialOS is; driving awareness of the platform without any proof the platform works – a high-risk, low-reward strategy until the games are proven; and communicating the benefits it could bring for a developer looking to make games for the future.

What we did together

We knew that developers were heavy users of social media and online groups. As such, we proposed an integrated campaign, supplementing the media and influencer outreach planned with a digital campaign. Our strategy was around educating the audience to allay their concerns over developing on an “unproven” platform and to highlight the benefits of SpatialOS.

We created messaging around the games development kits (GDKs) created for each of the two studios Improbable was working with, Unity and Unreal.    

We drafted two press releases announcing the launches – one with each of Unity and Unreal. Both the releases featured quotes from heads of the studios, who are well known in the gaming industry, as well as executives within Improbable.

We selected five of the most influential titles/journalists in gaming and briefed them, giving them early sight of the press releases, to guarantee the resulting pieces would be right on message. We focused on emphasising the individuals within Improbable, all from a strong gaming background, to provide the “proof point” that developing on SpatialOS was the right choice.

Improbable had never previously executed digital campaigns to drive business-led objectives like product sign-ups. As such, Dynamo provided top-to-bottom digital consultancy, from strategic planning for marketing channels to maximise ROI, to the management of campaigns and reporting of results.

“Today’s news is a major step for the company, leveraging the popularity of Unity with a lot of younger studios to enable easier MMO development on an engine that is very popular with a wide range of developers.”

Luke Matney, TechCrunch

What happened?

Through the traditional and digital PR, 26 pieces of unique coverage were achieved in Improbable’s top-tier and secondary-tier media, resulting in:

    • 111 million online readership
    • 389,000 estimated views
    • 652 social shares
    • Average domain authority of 60

Key pieces of coverage included TechCrunch, MCV, Gamasutra, PCGamesInsider, GameDev.net, all of which are read by the developers that Improbable wanted to target.

Dynamo’s Google Ad campaigns delivered over 19,000 targeted sign-ups to SpatialOS across the Unreal and Unity GDKs, using the Google Search and Google Display networks.

Improbable set a target cost per acquisition (CPA) of £10 per lead, which Dynamo exceeded by 18%, with an £8.35 avg. CPA, with some campaigns delivering leads at an even lower cost of £5, 50% cheaper than their targets.

Our search campaigns delivered a conversion rate of 11%, way above the B2B technology industry benchmark. Meaning that 1 in 10 people that clicked on our ads to the landing page signed up.

In addition, we were able to glean and report back insights on their audience’s demographics and behaviour on the website, plus feedback creative insights to inform future messaging for resonance with the audience.

Changing Improbable’s story

We were able to educate developers on what SpatialOS is, delivering quality press coverage that shared details about what SpatialOS is and why it’s a game-changing platform (pun intended). The integrated digital campaign ensured that views and shares were targeted at the right audience and that the messaging resonated with the developer community.

Key results

  • 26pieces of coverage
  • 111Monline readership
  • 389Kestimated views
  • 625social shares

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