Segway-Ninebot case study

Raising $1.4M on Indiegogo

Our challenge

Loomo presented an interesting challenge – trying to message a consumer, crowdfunding product that was a hybrid of a robot and Segway scooter. While the product itself was an exciting and innovative creation, we were brought in to help identify the core audience and message Loomo to them, push through noise of other products in a similar field and support the Chinese company in their first attempt to enter the US market.

What we did together

We worked closely with Segway-Ninebot on their messaging ahead of CES, ensuring that we were able to secure high-calibre demos. From a successful show, we were able to ascertain interest for the crowdfunding campaign in advance, including exactly who to target, what competitors in the space were getting attention, and what key USPs to highlight to make us stand out.

Using two prototypes supplied by Segway-Ninebot, Dynamo spent hours with the product Loomo – including using them for commuting, putting our own content into Loomo’s speech patterns, and learning the intricacies of the technology, the prototype’s bugs, and the robot’s personality. As a result, we were able to fully prepare authentic feeling demos for all prospective top-tier press.

"The next generation of this personal mobility device is smarter, smaller and, yes, cuter than ever before."


What happened?

Following a successful collaboration at CES, Segway-Ninebot and Dynamo launched on Indiegogo with a $100k funding goal. This goal was met less than an hour from going live, with the campaign reaching 1079% of its funding target by the time it closed reaching over $1 million in funding.

We amplified the website and social channels with an impact of 1,075,210,560 total impressions through 97 articles over the 30 day campaign.

Changing Segway-Ninebot’s story

The growth in credibility from both the press testimonials and the campaign’s success had a knock-on effect; the Segway-Ninebot name became more recognised (as opposed to just Segway), leading to more coverage on the company’s other products, and culminating in the lead article in the New Yorker’s Nov 26th 2018 issue, ‘Learning to Love Robots’.

Key results

  • 1M+total impressions
  • 97pieces of coverage
  • $1.4Mfunding raised on Indiegogo
  • 1079%over initial funding total

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