Lumos case study

The most funded cycle helmet crowdfunding campaign ever

Our challenge

Lumos created a smart bike helmet that had integrated lights that could be controlled via the handlebar, but they didn’t have a way to bring it to market and launch globally. Lumos got in touch with us after seeing the success of our crowdfunding campaigns, and asked for our support to launch Lumos on Kickstarter to try and raise a goal of $125,000.

We needed to reach the cycling community, but knew that they weren’t the primary audience on Kickstarter so had to find a way to not only convince them they needed a smart helmet but to support Lumos through a crowdfunding campaign.

What we did together

In order to secure coverage in cycling press, we knew we had to persuade journalists that Lumos was paving the way for the future of cycling and cycling accessories. When it comes to a new product that claimed to be a world’s first, it was important to get it in journalists hands so they can see for themselves. We held a media tour with the Founder, visiting cycling press and taking them out for demos and test rides.

We also wanted to capitalise on the existing crowdfunding community, so reached out to tech press as well as identifying design press as key targets thanks to the award winning design of the helmet.

“Way to go Lumos, nailed it. You Lumed it….. Or something”

Bill Nye, The Science Guy

What happened?

Lumos launched with widespread coverage including Cycling Weekly, Sky News, CNET and Trusted Reviews. Thanks to the buzz from media and social media, Lumos smashed the funding goal in the first day and continued to raise over $800,000 making it the most funded bike campaign on Kickstarter.

An unforgettable moment during the campaign was when Bill Nye the Science Guy got in touch out of the blue, after seeing the excitement around the campaign, to share a video of his support for Lumos and their mission.

Changing Lumos’s story

Following the successful campaign, Lumos had build a customer base of over 6,000 in just 30 days. Lumos continues to grow and has launched new helmets, features including an integration with Apple Watch, and cycling tools. Lumos is now available in retail stores across the US and Europe, and was the first ever helmet to be stocked in Apple stores.

Key results

  • $800Kfunding raised
  • 6,072backers
  • 114pieces of coverage
  • 8products now available

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