NVIDIA case study

Securing NVIDIA's spot in the VR hype

Our challenge

NVIDIA’s powerful gaming processors were behind the success of VR, providing breathtaking visuals, but with such exciting technology they had a problem – how do we get in the story? We were tasked with bringing new audiences to VR.

What we did together

We realised several major titles had never seen some of the best VR out there, including the BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones, and with CES 2016 likely to be VR focussed, many were desperate to try it for themselves. And they needed powerful NVIDIA computers to do that.

We worked with NVIDIA to create an experience beyond what even VR could do at that point. Working with developers of Everest VR Dynamo created a sub zero experience with chillers and fans taking the VR experience even further. It was so cold North Face jackets and ski gear were needed by everyone involved!

“There was a crunch under my feet, my hands were at first cold, then clammy from the nerves, and I was wrapped up like, well, like someone going up a mountain. It was astonishingly effective.”

Andy Boxall – Digital Trends

What happened?

We built excitement ahead of the event by creating themed press packs containing thermals, carabiners, Kendall Mint Cake and an ice axe, everything you’d need for climbing Everest housed in a wooden crate. We provided journalists with parkers and salopettes, giving opportunities for great photography and video.

We brought in wind machines, chillers and fake snow ourselves to create a truly interactive Mount Everest experience, giving even hard nosed gaming journalists a fear of heights and a real idea of what it would like to be there.

Changing VR’s story

Within 8 hours, 18 press and 20 influencers had been briefed covering a range of national, consumer technology and gamer media. The BBC featured our event in its end of year technology wrap up, shown across BBC One, BBC News and BBC Worldwide and lead to wider features telling people to upgrade to the latest NVIDIA GPU for the best VR experience. We’d secured 250,000 social impressions and 99% positive conversation around Virtual Reality powered by NVIDIA. Top tweets came from Rory Cellan-Jones, Arekkz and GameRiot.

Key results

  • 18 journalists briefed
  • 20influencers engaged with
  • 108 demo experiences hosted
  • 250,000social impressions

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