Pimax VR case study

Breaking World Records with the most funded VR headset

Our challenge

Our global team was challenged to raise money for a new VR headset by Pimax, a completely unknown brand. The founder hoped to raise $175,000 so they could go into production, and get reviews comparing the device to VR hit Oculus Rift (which was eventually bought by Facebook).

What we did together

Our main task was to get media familiar with Pimax, so we first researched relevant press that would understand the hard core tech behind the VR headset. Integrated closely with media relations, we worked with Pimax across the Kickstarter page, website messaging towards a Western audience and social tone of voice.

Once we started to build trust with press, we requested access to back-end analytics to the Kickstarter page, allowing us to re-target sites with higher conversions, sharing stats with editors to highlight the interest of their readers, and making sure they had all the latest updates.

“To be the top funded VR headset in crowdfunding, even surpassing pioneers such as Oculus, is truly phenomenal.”

Robin Weng, Pimax Founder

What happened?

Using 4 prototypes, Pimax travelled for 2 months, across 3 continents, 11 cities, and 12 events testing sessions, meeting over 2,000 VR enthusiasts in-person to demo the 8K technology and get their feedback, with our global team orchestrating key meets and messaging, as well as hosting demos in our own offices

We expanded efforts outside traditional tech media to focus on the die-hard fans, VR publications and gaming communities, as opposed to relying on typical tech media to drive interest.

Changing Pimax’s story

Within 73 minutes of going live, the campaign hit its 175,000€ funding goal, and by the end of the 30 days, Pimax has raised $4,236,618 putting the campaign in the top 5 tech campaigns in Kickstarter’s history as well as setting a new Guinness World Record.

The VR headset was applauded by press from VR specific publications to wider press like Mashable. The Founder of Oculus, Palmer Luckey demoed the product and gave a wonderful testimonial, helping cement Pimax’s place in the VR industry.

Key results

  • $4.2Mfunding raised
  • 1Guinness World Record
  • 5,946backers
  • 12events testing sessions

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