Red Box case study

Losing the 'boring' tag attached to call recording software

Our challenge

Despite nearly 30-years of providing industry-leading call recording software, Red Box’s brand and value proposition was not well articulated or understood in the global marketplace, with its brand awareness especially low in key markets, namely North America.

North America also faced the unique challenge, in that ‘Redbox’ is a well-established DVD rental company that journalists and the general public are largely familiar with.

In a world of emerging technologies and rapid development of AI and Machine Learning, there was the fear that call recording was, to put it bluntly, a little bit uninteresting, which made demonstrating Red Box’s value proposition a significant challenge.

What we did together

Dynamo conducted a research campaign aimed at Red Box’s key audience – CIOs and other C-level executives – in its target markets of North America, UK, and Singapore.

The research focussed on the value of voice – how much of it was being locked away; how businesses were using it (or not, as the case may be); and the importance of voice in fuelling AI. Call recording might, on the surface, seem boring, but we set out to prove that, without it, there are no foundations in place to enable AI.

We were also aware that Red Box already had well-established relationships with trade press, but they’d rarely garnered coverage beyond the same few publications. We pinpointed a series of tier one targets that Red Box had long wanted to be featured in, enabling them to relay their key messages to the audience that would drive the largest business outcomes as well as increasing brand awareness in North America.

We secured 19 pieces of coverage, in excess of 20,000 views, 275 social shares and reaching a total audience of 2.27M

What happened?

By segmenting the research into three distinct press releases and infographics associated with each one, we were able to issue the story more widely.

We created press releases targeting general IT/CIO publications, financial services publications, and government/public sector publications. The Dynamo team were able to pitch the story to journalists unfamiliar with the brand, slowly introducing them to the ecosystem, setting up briefings, and adapting the story to match the given publication.

In addition to pitching the research results as news, we were able to craft byline articles for each of the target audiences using the segmented data.

The infographics developed were shared with the news stories and bylines, and shared across Red Box’s social media channels to provide engaging content based on data points. Red Box used the infographics from the research regularly on their social channels, leading to their highest ever engagement rates on Twitter.

Today, many months on from our initial outreach, the research is still providing angles that the Dynamo team use for feature comment and data points to support our pitching.

We secured 19 pieces of coverage across key publications in the UK and US, including the likes of Information Age and IT Pro, generating 20,000 views, 275 social shares and reaching a total audience of 2.27 million.

Changing Red Box’s story

Red Box took its first, but significant, step in removing the ‘boring’ and ‘old-fashioned’ tag attached to call recording software, while also establishing key relationships with journalists outside of their usual circle, leading to further opportunities after the research campaign.

In North America, Red Box made its first splash, distinguishing itself from its namesake, and raising its profile in an incredibly lucrative market.

Key results

  • 19pieces of coverage
  • 20,000views
  • 275social shares
  • 2.27Mreached on social

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