Stratagem case study

Attracting attention from some of the biggest names in the industry

Our challenge

Stratagem set out to change the world of sports betting and wanted to raise £25 million to help them do it. The founders had a strong investment banking background, one coming from a hedge fund and one ex partner at Goldman Sachs. With a team including former quantitative traders and ex-CERN scientists, they launched the company to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict, in real-time, the outcome of competitive sports to find an edge on the market for investors. It was a complicated story to tell, essentially launching a whole new investment idea that married tech, finance and gambling.

What we did together

Stratagem knew they wanted publicity in order to attract investment, but didn’t know how to go about it. We had to nail the messaging, in order to get the story of a new investment platform crunching huge amounts of data (essentially using the technology that hedge funds use) to journalists in the mainstream business press. We worked with them on defining their audiences and what each audience needed to hear.

Together we defined who we wanted to talk to – business (those covering tech) and gaming press. We developed a highly targeted profile-raising campaign to introduce the founders to very key journalists/publications within these two sectors, with a defined set of messages for them to get across in each interview.

"Dynamo's strong work driving our PR strategy is a direct result of the efforts they've made to really get to know our organisation, products, and vision."

Charles McGarraugh, CEO of Stratagem Technologies

What happened?

We secured interviews for profile pieces on the founders/company with BBC Business Live, Business Insider, EGR, ESPN,  Financial Times, iGaming Times, New Scientist, Quartz, The Verge and Wired. Some of the coverage secured was organically picked up by other top publications, such as Popular Mechanics and the MIT Technology Review newsletter.

Additionally, as a result of some of the coverage that resulted from the interviews, we received in-bound inquiries from The Economist, ESPN and Daily Mail, wanting to cover the company. We also received in-bound inquiries asking the founders to speak at industry events and participate in podcasts on AI and sports betting.

The team received numerous inquiries from VCs, new customers and potential hires, resulting directly from the coverage we secured.

Changing Stratagem’s story

Stratagem went from being an unheard-of startup in the fintech industry, to attracting attention from some of the biggest names in the industry. It raised a significant amount for its fund before the founders sold the business (along with its team) to Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency trading platform, Blockchain, which acquired Stratagem in November 2018.  

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