Our Team

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Meet the Dynamo team!


Paul Cockerton

co-CEO, Dynamo UK and US

Peter Bowles

co-CEO, Dynamo UK and US

Pat Scullion

Design at Dynamo

Emma Cross

Operations Director

Heather Delaney

Managing Director, US

Emma Seddon

Account Director, UK

Rachael Sanders

Senior Digital Manager, UK

Erin Rigby

Account Director, UK

Arun Lloyd

Account Manager, UK

Daria Gerasimova

Senior Account Manager, UK

Ellen Powell-Chandler

Senior Account Director, UK

Nick Morey

Account Director, US


Isabel Hathaway

Senior Media Executive, UK

Simon Franklin

Senior Account Executive, UK

Felicity Skiera

Office Spice

Aimee Lee

Junior Account Executive, US

Jason Zheng

Senior Account Executive, US

Stefana Ailioaie

Account Executive, UK

Krishanthi Jeyakumar

Junior Account Executive, UK

Jeremy Cortez

Photography, US

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