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We’re delighted to learn today that we’ve been shortlisted for 9 PR agency and campaign awards from PRMoment, one of the most liked and read PR publications in the UK. There were over 600 entries for the 2015 awards, and Dynamo has been picked as a finalist in the following categories:

– Best use of evaluation for our campaign for
– Financial campaign of the year for our crowdfunding campaign for M3D which raised over $3 million
– Consumer PR campaign of the year, again for our campaign
– Media relations campaign of the year, for M3D
– Low budget campaign of the year, for M3D
– Small agency of the year
– Consumer PR agency of the year
– Integrated agency of the year
– Technology agency of the year

The winners will be announced in March, and you can see the full shortlist (and who we’re up against ) here.

Paul Cockerton
By Paul Cockerton

We’re delighted to announce that Attraction World, one of the world’s leading theme park and attraction ticket specialists, have appointed Dynamo PR to handle their consumer PR, to increase brand awareness of their ticketing sites and

Sitting within Dynamo PR’s Digital division, the team will be tasked to generate news and creative campaigns with the aim to grow the brand awareness among a wider audience of UK consumers.

Launched in 2006, Attraction World is an award-winning theme park and attraction ticket specialist who supplies tickets to the world’s leading travel agents. The agency team will be led by Jonny Stanton, Account Manager, and report to Attraction World’s Simon Applebaum, Consumer Marketing Director.

Lexi Mills, Head of Digital, Dynamo PR, commented:

“Attraction World are already well established in their industry as a leading specialist and it’s going to be our job to share their story with the wider consumer market. We’re all looking forward to an exciting ride!”

Simon Applebaum, Consumer Marketing Director at Attraction World added:

“We chose Dynamo because of their unique understanding of both the print and digital PR spheres, and the need for brands to be storytellers through all of their activity. Their creativity and excitement for our business shone through and we look forward to working alongside them.”

By Dynamo Team
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We’ve today announced the launch of a new team focusing on wearable tech and smart home technology, after signing NYC based Bluesmart, the world’s first smart, connected suitcase.

The new Wearable Tech and Smart Home team will focus on the latest connected consumer technology products and launches from around the world. The team have also already signed a number of new companies to further expand the division which already includes Digitsole, the first interactive insole that combines the functions of a smart watch with heating capabilities and Atlanta based LightFreq, the multi-functioning light bulb with a built in audio speaker.

Heading up the team, Ellen Powell-Chandler explains: “Our homes and lives are becoming more connected. Different industries, whether it is technology, design or fashion, are battling to help us live and work smarter. Consumers are increasingly wearing fitness trackers and expecting their smartphone to be able to control their home. As the industry heats up, companies need to have a trusted team that know the space inside out and understand how these products and services are transforming lives.”

The wearable technology industry is growing quickly with figures indicating that one in ten consumers want a wearable tech device and volumes shipped reaching close to half a billion by 2018. The Smart Home sector is flourishing as it is predicted to grow to $7.8 billion in the US alone by 2019.

Paul Lamkin, editor and founder of welcomed the new team: “Dynamo are on the ball when it comes to predicting future areas of consumer tech growth. Wearable tech will increasingly need top PR experts to talk to titles like ours, so it’ll be a specialist team to watch.”

The team have helped Bluesmart raise over $1,000,000 on crowd-funding site Indiegogo – making it one of the top 25 most funded campaigns on the platform since launch.

Alejo Verlini, co-founder of Bluesmart in New York, said “The Dynamo team have a great reputation for launching smart technology and driving targeted sales around the world. It’s clear that everything from our luggage to our pets will be connected by our phones or our watches, so we’re excited to work with an awesome team that understands the future and what people are experiencing in this new era.”

Paul Cockerton
By Paul Cockerton

Our latest Kickstarter campaign, to support the launch of the InkCase+, a removable 3.5-inch e-ink display module made by OAXIS, has already seen it raise its target of $100,000 in less than three hours since officially launching.

Priced from just $79 for early backers on Kickstarter, InkCase+ will let consumers personalise their phone case and allow alerts to be pushed to the low power E Ink screen. This means that when users want to check their notifications or even read a book there’s no need to power on the main screen, what’s more the low power E Ink screen also means notifications are always visible.

You back and find out more about the InkCase+ here.

By Dynamo Team
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Switzerland has an amazing technology start-up scene, particularly in the Smart Home and Internet of Things fields, and we’ve been working with one of the leading lights for some time now, helping them prepare for a Kickstarter launch, and beyond.

Earlier in March, Dizmo’s Kickstarter reached its goal two weeks into the campaign, and we’ve now announced that they have released their beta version of their software, meeting deadlines committed to in the project.

Dizmo’s interface technology mimics the technology many have come to love in popular media, from CSI to Iron Man, Minority Report and even as far back as 2001: A Space Odyssey. The creative software behind dizmo allows simulations, charts, images, live websites and videos to all coexist and be moved, rotated and interacted with like physical objects on any digital surface.

Check out the company’s videos here.

Ellen Powell-Chandler
By Ellen Powell-Chandler
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We started working with the team behind The Micro one month before launch, and all the preparation, content creation, media outreach and briefings have resulted in record-breaking pledges. 11 minutes after launch, The Micro was funded, and public interest generated from the coverage has now raised over a quarter of a million dollars, in just a few hours, for the world’s first consumer 3D Printer.

The campaign has only just started, with initial coverage appearing in Endgadget,The VergeTechCrunchITProPortalSlashgearDaily Mail. With 29 days to go it will be very interesting to follow and see how much will be raised.

UPDATE: Dynamo Kickstarter campaign for The Micro reached a million dollars in 25 hours, now heading over $2 million in 2 days!

By Dynamo Team
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As an example of some of the varied work we do here over at Dynamo HQ, our design team have been hard at work putting together this interactive web app for

The central idea around this project was to help people enhance the value of their home whilst providing simple guides to those irritating DIY problems in and around the bathroom, and provide it in a way that can be easily shared and consumed.

The app uses the latest HTML5 and JavaScript techniques to create a smooth, cross-browser compatible experience that allows a user to browse tips and track their progress in enhancing their “virtual bathroom”

Have a play, and share!

Pat Scullion
By Pat Scullion
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