Dynamo relaunches to focus on early stage ventures

Since being acquired by Clarity at the end of last year, we’ve been working over the last few months within Clarity to crystallize what Dynamo will do as part of the Clarity group of companies. Today we’re relaunching to focus with these three key considerations:

We will focus on early stage / disruptive companies.

We’ve had some of the best campaigns and successes with early stage founders and CEOs, helping them decide their direction, and achieve fast growth. So we’re focusing on companies that are at seed or Series A stage.

We’ve worked with companies that have started off with small single figure budgets, helping them grow into $40M+ revenue companies. Also, Silicon valley companies that have become giants; consumer tech companies that have successfully exited; and b2b tech companies that continue to break the mold of what’s possible. And a whole host of other startups that are at various stages along this path.

Using all of this experience, we’re best poised to help companies that are at the earlier stages of development and progress and need to ramp up fast.

We will provide media neutral advice.

We know from experience of working with many startups that you need a fast, flexible and media neutral approach. You may need to test early technology, teach media facing capabilities to your staff, build websites and social channels, put out content and offerings to attract early customers — but all are pointing to fast and sustainable growth.

You may need all at once, or just one channel, and we can be your outsourced marketing function to help you decide what to do, as well as delivering. And in these isolated times, you may just need to buy one service to get going – for instance message development or media relations. We can do this piecemeal for you to help you put together your entire marketing offering.

This will be delivered through global virtual teams.

As well as our core knowledge, we’re able to call on expertise with the Clarity group, and with outside partners around the globe, to deliver what you need. Whatever it takes, our goal here is to work with you to take the fastest, and safest, route to growth. As you move into Series B funding and beyond, we have the backing of Clarity and its close links with other agencies (such as the Brewery network and Freuds, Shoosmiths and Grant Thornton) to help you in your next steps.

If this sounds good to you, reach out to us and see how we can help.

Paul Cockerton
By Paul Cockerton
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