Online video is the future of content marketing

By 2018, video will take up 79% of web traffic and over half of the content you view now on your mobile is video, so it’s safe to say that we’ll likely be watching this blog post in the future, instead of reading it. Now video is taking our attention more and more, we need to be cooking up content in the way our audiences want to consume it.

I spent the day with Sam Orams from Bespoke Banter, to learn about the importance of video marketing strategies for clients. Here’s what I found out.

Create mild peril, make it sticky

You need to put your audience into context. When communicating with your audience, one thing to remember is that you’re not necessarily talking to the masses but one person at a time, which helps to focus your content more. Consulting an audience engagement cycle in the initial stages of your campaign will help identify the necessary creative processes leading up to the production of your campaign.

Distribution: know your platform

When creating a video campaign, it needs to be clear from the offset which platform the video will be distributed on, as this will affect pre and post-production. Currently, 85% of video on Facebook is watched without sound, so including a voiceover in your video for the purpose of Facebook consumption could impact your campaign hugely. Consider the narration to be added as subtitles or bold text across the visuals for the video to ensure viewers pause on their newsfeed to watch the video.

Video will improve your optimisation

Google now registers the video on your website for rankings, so it’s important to think about including some kind of video content to exist online for your brand. Websites that have videos that are 2 minutes or longer in length will have reduced bounce rates to those which have shorter videos, or no video at all.

A rule of thumb

A person’s decision to watch a video online is heavily influenced by the thumbnail used on the video. Studies have shown that including people and text will increase the chances of people clicking on your video. It’s important to consider how quickly people scan through videos and thumbnails, so it’s imperative to catch a viewer’s eye. Some people even say that the thumbnail of the video is more important than the content itself…


Pitching video

Once you’ve finished the campaign, it’s time to think about effectively communicating the idea to prospective video desks and websites. Using the word ‘video’ in an email subject boosts open rates by 19%, so consider your execution carefully.

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