Strategic Work

Dreaming up ideas that build our clients business faster is at the heart of what Dynamo do. wanted to rise their Google ranking for ‘Bathroom Suites’, a key term rivals regularly fight for on ad spend. Dynamo decided to look at the problem differently. What if millions of people spell the name incorrectly as ‘Bathroom sweets’? What would a confectionary based bathroom look like?

The team worked hard to develop the microsite – the first place offering a real life chocolate bathroom, complete with 9.4 million calories and a staggeringly indulgent $114,000 price point.

The story was reported right around the world to New York, India and China. A bathroom fit for Willy Wonka himself, a great fun campaign and a delighted client that saw their rankings for bathroom suites spiral to the top of the major search engines.

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Stratagem Technologies is a machine learning company that brings quantitative trading to the sporting market. Dynamo team was tasked to take Stratagem to the press for the very first time and explain the complexities behind AI and sports betting.

A big part of communicating a relatively new concept to press was eliminating jargon involved and link to existing knowledge to explain how Stratagem’s business works. Dynamo set-up interviews with key business, tech and trading press as well as behind the scene tours for journalists to better understand the company.

The coverage we secured in influential press including Business Insider, Financial Times and the The Verge organically drove further top tier coverage and media requests, as well as invites to speak at events, inbounds from VCs, new customers and potential hires.

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Depop, the social shopping app, was taking the UK by storm and it was time to launch in the US. Not only had the company raised $8 million dollars to spearhead its US expansion, but the company had also hired Erik Martin as the US General Manager and opened a brand new office in New York.

Dynamo worked on the strategy to secure optimum coverage in leading tech, financial and national publications on both sides of the Atlantic. The announcement was supported by briefings for a deeper dive with influential publications, including TechCrunch and Wired.

The end result saw Depop featured in a wide spectrum of publications, including New York Post, Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal.

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Pimax, a relatively unknown disruptive company within the VR space, came to us after having launched a 4K VR headset in 2016. For their next project – an 8K VR headset, they wanted a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and gain recognition in the global VR market. Their target was to raise $1m and be as big as Oculus Rift.

We set about a strategy that would be more strongly geared beyond their current audience of niche gamers. We worked with them on every aspect of their campaign, including in depth research into target groups and outreach to Reddit users who then became brand ambassadors.

Our team also secured demos across 11 cities in 3 continents and met with over 2,000 VR enthusiasts which led to 319 articles secured across the 45 day campaign. At the close of campaign, Pimax had not only hit and surpassed their $1m goal, but they raised a total of $4.2 million, gracefully beating the record set by Oculus Rift on crowdfunding.

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Drawing on our experience with the latest tech, we helped 3Doodler, the world’s first 3D printing pen hit its $30,000 investment target on crowd-sourced funding website, Kickstarter, within three hours and 38 minutes of launch.

Dynamo created the first 3D printed journalists in the world, while building the 3Doodler community ahead of launch with Etsy designers. 3Doodler launched to praise from some of the most influential Kickstarter stakeholders at launch, raising $1m in just 48 hours.

The campaign went on to win three PRWeek Awards and even got the invention in the window of the New York MOMA store.

Adam & Eve

Dynamo understand and embrace the growing importance of online influencers, so when we were approached to increase exposure and gain coverage for Adam&Eve’s love poem writing guide, we took an alternative approach.

We identified fifteen influential lifestyle and relationship bloggers, and invited them to a poem master class, in the heart of New York. Led by Suzannah Weiss, top relationship journalist and contributor to Glamour, Buzzfeed and Cosmopolitan, we encouraged our bloggers to swap a Hallmark card for a hand written poem all in the name of love.

Bloggers praised the event and said it was great to learn a new skill as well as provide content their readers would love, opposed to just being a product launch.

The results were twofold as we built valuable relationships in the blogger world and achieved great coverage results.

We noticed the on-trend debate around the use of selfie sticks in the news with headlines covering the ban on selfie sticks at popular holiday spots such as Disney World, and knew this was the perfect opportunity for AttractionTix.

We secured the URL and worked with the AttractionTix team to curate over 100 attractions from around the world, ranging from London’s Emirates Stadium, to the Empire State Building.

The campaign gained global coverage in national, lifestyle, and travel publications such as Fox News, Mail online and Yahoo! smashing the total link target.


In 2012, Screenreader, a charity that builds products for the blind, brought in Dynamo to launch their Android phone specially made for the visually impaired. The team was tasked with communicating the challenges a person with limited sight has when using modern day smartphones.

Dynamo arranged a launch event at London’s Dans Le Noir restaurant, a venue in complete darkness, manned by blind staff. The UK’s media treated the launch like an Apple event – applauding the new phones debut as they struggled to see anything.

After the event journalists commented on a changed perspective and appreciation of the challenges for the visually impaired. Global press coverage was secured and it became the main tech story on BBC News online, driving initial sales enquiries from over 150 countries.


With drones being the hottest gadget at CES, Hexo+ tasked Dynamo with finding a way to make their drone fly higher that the competitors and cut through the noise.

With rules stating that you can’t fly drones on the show floor, we needed to fly beyond the confines of the conference center. Dynamo worked with the team before the show to organize a demo in the Las Vegas desert.

With the BBC driving desert buggies and Bloomberg running with the drone, we made sure Hexo+ was leading the drone fever in global press.


The team was called in by HTC to raise awareness of surely the biggest (and best) Android phone of the year – the HTC One. With the device already gaining favorable reviews, Dynamo had to come up with a new angle to sustain press in the run up to the holiday season.

Dynamo worked behind the scenes to create, test and launch the most expensive phone HTC had ever produced. An 18-carat gold phone worth almost $4,000. Launched to the media in a bomb-proof box handled by security, a further two promotional gold phones were given away to winners at the MOBO Awards.

Press claimed that, unlike Apple’s champagne gold version, this was the real deal and HTC loved the campaign so much they took over Times Square with the superstar device.

Native Union

Dynamo supports Native Union to drive sales and raise brand awareness within targeted countries including the US and UK while sitting alongside it’s international team.

Working across the brands beautifully crafted products, Dynamo implements campaigns covering the world’s leading consumer, lifestyle, tech, and design publications such as Vogue US, Forbes, Engadget, CNET, Elle US, and Harper’s Bazaar. This is reinforced with individually prepared, and design led care packages for each journalists and bloggers needs.

These campaigns helped propel the brand into new areas of press and resulted in the most successful company launch to date.


Following a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, where we helped the ultimate smart remote raise over $1.5m, NEEO wanted to showcase the product to journalists for the very first time at CES in Las Vegas.

Dynamo invited journalists including WIRED, Engadget and Digital Trends to a suite in The Venetian for a fully interactive NEEO experience. We didn’t want the press to just see the product, we wanted to show them exactly what it can do and why it is unique.

Press praised the smart remote and its capabilities, calling it spectacular and perfectly designed.


With virtual reality set to be one of the biggest trends of 2016 Dynamo worked with NVIDIA to open bring VR to a new audience. The challenge was to create interest from press outside of the gaming sector with a showcase event that showed off more than just games.

To show how immersive VR can be, Dynamo created a realistic Mount Everest experience. Ahead of the launch press were sent press packs including thermals, ice picks and salopettes. At the event, Dynamo used wind machines, chillers and fake snow to give journalists a real idea of that it would be like the experience the real thing.

Dynamo secured 19 key press and 20 analysts to attend the launch, covering a range of national, consumer technology and gamer media. NVIDIA was successfully positioned as leaders in VR.

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Capitalizing on the ongoing debate around smartphone addiction, Dynamo launched QualityTime, an Android app that monitors your smartphone usage.

Using a combination of data and powerful messaging, the app launch became integral to the discussion around how technology should be used in our everyday lives. The launch featured on global sites such MailOnline, TechCrunch, CNET, Mashable, BBC Radio, Android Police, Engadget, NY Times, Forbes and Good Morning America – the latter securing more than five thousand downloads of the app in a day.

QualityTime went on to reach over 100,000 downloads in just four months, being translated into Spanish, French and Chinese to serve the global demand for the app.


Using the news hook of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Dynamo worked with SwiftKey on a campaign enabling consumers to ‘text like the Queen’.

This featured a limited edition version of SwiftKey’s predictive typing app based on analysis of the key words and turns of phrase in Her Majesty’s published speeches since 1952. Dynamo even recommended the queen’s gloved ‘hand’ should appear in promotional photos.

Generating coverage from BBC News, Sky, The Guardian and Daily Telegraph, this raised consumer awareness driving downloads and sales for SwiftKey at a key point in its growth. Swiftkey recently sold to Microsoft for $250m.

The Micro

To launch the first affordable 3D printer on crowd-funding site, Kickstarter, and raise $50,000 in investment, Dynamo created a content and media outreach programme, which included pre-briefing targeted journalists with special 3D-printed chocolate moulds.

With press coverage hitting within seconds of its launch, the Micro smashed its Kickstarter goal in 11 minutes flat. BBC News reported is as one of the fastest funded crowd funding campaigns of all time.

With over $3.4m being raised by the campaign’s end, putting the Micro in the top ten Kickstarter projects.

"Low budget, high return, fantastic results."

Cat Macdonald, Director of comms, PRWeek Awards Judge

Absolute Radio

"Not only delivered great media coverage but created a platform for the product to be launched."

Shakila Ahmed, Director of comms, PRWeek Awards Judge


"Innovative, leading-edge work."

CIPR Awards