3Doodler Case Study

Dynamo’s campaign for 3Doodler raised over $2m in 30 days and went on to win more PRWeek Awards than any campaign in 2013.

Case study


In February 2013 Dynamo signed 3Doodler, a completely unknown brand, hoping to create the world’s first 3D printing pen. The team needed to raise $30,000 investment and drive pre-orders to make their product into a reality.


Dynamo researched other success stories on Kickstarter to research the key stakeholders that drive kickstarters. The team worked behind the scenes to position the campaign authentically, develop relationships with the creative community and create honest communication on the production schedule. Dynamo also developed creative to make key contacts ‘the first 3D printed journalists in the world.’


  • Dynamo worked with the in-house team to help them create a compelling viral showing 3Doodler doodling the most common doodles
  • We built a relationship with Etsy to show fantastic 3Doodled designs at the start
  • Journalists were sent time lapsed videos showing their twitter avatars 3Doodled
  • We prepared releases marking key milestones, so that 3Doodler could communicate to media how fast the pledge levels were growing
  • By preparing every detail in advance, reaching out to and pre-briefing journalists with their very own 3Doodles Dynamo secured key coverage on the day of the Kickstarter launch (February 19th 2013) on Popular Science, TechCrunch, Wired, VentureBeat, The Next Web, Der Spiegel, Huffington Post, Fast Company and Engadget


  • In under 2 days (44 hours) 3Doodler had raised $1m on Kickstarter and was growing at a faster rate than the Pebble Watch
  • 2,139 news and blogger posts in 10 days – the average unique monthly viewers for each post reached 6.2m people. 99% positive coverage
  • 128,732 Facebook likes in 10 days and was featured on ‘know your meme’ for popularity
  • 2,087 shares across social media and 218 response videos created
  • Dynamo used our prepared release for hitting the $100,000 milestone and repurposed this for hitting $1m, creating a second wave of interest
  • Our $1m release caused coverage spread around the world to Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea and China
  • 3Doodler showcased in the window of the New York MOMA store
  • 3Doodler exceeded its initial target by 7,667% and made back the cost of PR in 24 minutes. Within 24 hours it had passed $1m in funding
  • 46,783% return on investment

our client says

"Dynamo’s campaign has propelled us to become one of the most successful Kickstarter projects to date thanks to PR outreach alone. It shows the real power of a successful communications campaign, raising over $2 Million in just 10 days."

Max Bogue, CEO, 3Doodler

Max Bogue, CEO, 3Doodler