Case Study

The sweetest mistake: creating a chocolate bathroom to build links and page rankings

Case study

Objective came to us with a problem, they had been de-indexed by Google after an update. This meant they no longer appeared when you typed ‘bathrooms’ into the search engine. Not good when you’re selling bathroom products. We had a “sweet” idea, using creative insight to turn things around and get back to no.1 on Google search.


We knew that only a big campaign driving lots of links would make a difference, and we decided to focus our efforts on the term ‘bathrooms suites’. We wanted to look at this term differently, which got us thinking about whether we misspell ‘bathroom sweets’. We couldn’t let our sweet tooths get the better of us, so we did our research and found that over 2 million consumers were actually spelling it incorrectly and searching for bathroom ‘sweets’ instead. Our strategy was to own the misspelling so we set about creating a chocolate bathroom.


  • We worked with a leading chocolatier to create a life-size, 100% chocolate bathroom suite, exclusively for sale on
  • We built an interesting microsite for journalists to link back to – it included images of the bathroom sweet, facts about it such as the eye-watering calorie count (9.4 million if you’re interested) and information from the Plain English Campaign about the misspelling
  • Through the microsite you could genuinely buy the bathroom sweet, that’s if you had a spare £80,000
  • For the launch, we held a chocolate event in central London and invited key journalists and bloggers


  • 113 pieces of coverage secured globally including Mail Online, ABC News, Fox News and LA Times and key lifestyle press including Stylist, House Beautiful and Elle Decor
  • Secured 92% “follow” links (to put this in context you would normally see a figure of 15% of links being “follow” links)
  • During the campaign, the domain authority of increased above that of key competitors, moving from 4th to 1st place
  • Over 22,000 extra web sessions driven by the bathroom sweets microsite
  • Number one organic search position for the term ‘bathrooms’, a highly competitive industry term – 1st in the industry above Bathstore, Victoria Plumb and B&Q

our client says

"When we took on Dynamo we had insight that PR could really transform our content strategy and drive traffic to our site… what was a pleasant surprise was the team taking an original idea and really running with it to create a proper chocolate bathroom, a dedicated microsite and a whole story around a spelling mistake. It was highly creative and shows how powerful and fully thought out the best PR SEO can be."

Ian Monk, founder and CEO at

Ian Monk, founder and CEO at