NVIDIA VR Case Study

Making 2017 the year of VR and taking the virtual into reality with NVIDIA.

case study


With virtual reality set to be one of the biggest trends of 2017 Dynamo was tasked with bringing VR to a new audience for NVIDIA. The challenge was to create interest from press outside of the gaming sector with a showcase event that showed off more than just games.


NVIDIA takes gaming to the next level with powerful GPUs capable of producing breathtaking visuals. Dynamo focused on taking a VR experience to the next level with an enhanced experience that highlighted VR content outside of just games. A further key strategy was to show a range of different uses for VR allowing journalists to write widely about the upcoming year of VR.


  • Using wind machines, chillers and fake snow we created an engrossing Mount Everest experience that gave journalists a real idea of what it would like to be there.
  • To build excitement ahead of the event Dynamo created themed press packs containing thermals, carabiners, Kendall Mint Cake and an ice axe, everything you’d need for climbing Everest housed in a wooden crate.
  • Dynamo provided journalists with parkers and salopettes, giving opportunities for great photography and video


  • Within 8 hours 18 press and 20 influencers had been briefed covering a range of national, consumer technology and gamer media.
  • The BBC featured our event in its end of year technology wrap up, shown across BBC One, BBC News and BBC Worldwide throughout the new year period.
  • 250,000 social impressions and 99% positive conversation around Virtual Reality powered by NVIDIA. Top tweets came from Rory Cellan-Jones, Arekkz and GameRiot.
  • Increased visibility of NVIDIA as leaders in VR, in the new year this lead to wider pick up of statistics regarding the number of PCs capable of running VR.

the press says

"Nvidia’s intention with this demo was to show exactly how immersive VR can be, especially when combined with the right environment. There was a crunch under my feet, my hands were at first cold, then clammy from the nerves, and I was wrapped up like, well, like someone going up a mountain. It was astonishingly effective."

Andy Boxall - Digital Trends

Andy Boxall - Digital Trends