Pimax Case Study

Breaking records through crowdfunding and VR expertise

Case study


Pimax, a relatively unknown challenger brand in the VR space, came to us from having launched a 4K VR headset in 2016 – while met with some critical acclaim and success, their majority audience were niche gamers in China. For their next project, an 8K VR headset, they wanted a crowdfunding campaign that raised $1m, to become a more recognised name in the global VR market, and to improve and build their reputation with the tech, VR, and gaming communities – in their words – to be as big as Oculus Rift.


While Pimax certainly had a fantastic and intriguing product in development, there was a lot to do in terms of making over the company and its image. Given the lower trust levels in crowdfunding, and the hype for VR dying down, we needed to make sure we had a campaign that was more strongly geared towards a core audience, and expand it out from there, as well as bringing up the level of external comms to match the quality of the product.


  • We spent several weeks in the preparation phase, consulting on every aspect of Pimax‚Äôs external comms to ensure everything translated to a western audience, including an overhaul of their company website
  • The team was comprised of people with specialist skills including a Mandarin speaker with in-house experience, crowdfunding and VR specialists
  • We built a carefully curated and heavily researched group of targets, based on our teams understanding in gaming, consumer tech, and VR – this included high profile voices on the Reddit pages, bringing them on side to act as voices for the Pimax community
  • We worked with Pimax to secure demos across 3 continents, 11 cities, and 12 events / testing sessions, meeting over 2,000 VR enthusiasts in-person to demo 8K and give their feedback


  • Over $4.2 million raised, far surpassing the crowdfunding record for VR set by Oculus Rift
  • 5,946 pledges to the campaign, against a target of 2,000
  • 319 articles secured through the 45 day campaign, including CNET, Gamespot, and Mashable
  • Oculus Founder, Palmer Luckey approached Pimax due to its high volume of press coverage, demoing the product and providing a wonderful testimonial for the campaign page
  • Delivered an ROI of over 9,000%