Stratagem Case Study

Introducing a brand new concept: The AI that can help beat the bookies

Case study


AI is one of the biggest disruptors to the technology industry, but introducing it for a new industry can be complex. Stratagem Technologies is a machine learning company that brings quantitative trading to the sporting market. Training robots to watch football games sounds cool but is complex to explain, so the Dynamo team was tasked to take Stratagem out to the press for the very first time.


We had a clean slate, but it didn’t stay that way for long as we worked with Stratagem on the messaging and best news hooks. We eliminated any jargon and found ways to link the new concept to existing knowledge and explain things simply. We needed to get Stratagem in front of the press and encourage journalists to see it in action so we focused on the accuracy of the technology.


  • Dynamo set up interviews with key business, technology and trading press to introduce them to the concept of Stratagem
  • Seeing is believing – we arranged behind the scene tours for press to better understand how the company works
  • We used events to tell the story and position Stratagem as spearheading AI in a new industry
  • Dynamo also arranged meet-ups to talk with specific communities


  • The team secured profile pieces in key titles including Financial Times, Business Insider and The Verge
  • Coverage we secured was organically picked up by other top tier publications such as Popular Mechanics and MIT Technology Review newsletter
  • Top tier publications including The Economist, ESPN and Daily Mail contacted US as a result of our outreach, interested in knowing about our pioneering client
  • Stratagem’s founders were invited to speak at industry events and on podcasts
  • Their team received numerous business inbounds from VCs, new customers, and potential hires and clients coming directly from coverage we secured

our client says

"Our PR partner has to fully understand our technology, the journey our business is on and, importantly the communication strategy we need to get there. Dynamo's strong work driving our PR strategy is a direct result of the efforts they've made to really get to know our organisation, products, and vision."

Charles McGarraugh, CEO of Stratagem Technologies

Charles McGarraugh, CEO of Stratagem Technologies