The Micro Case Study

Dynamo launched the world’s first consumer priced 3D Printer on Kickstarter raising over $3m in the process.

case study


Dynamo was brought in to launch the most affordable 3D Printer, hoping to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter to go into production and secure pre-orders before one device was even manufactured.


M3D worked with our dedicated Kickstarter team to identify key stakeholders who would drive sales on the platform. Dynamo used its experience to pre-brief journalists and get them into the new 3D printer ahead of the Kickstarter’s launch. We carefully positioned the Micro as the world’s first ‘consumer priced’ 3D Printer.


  • Dynamo worked with the in-house team to prepare the Kickstarter campaign
  • The consultancy advised on key price points, stretch goals and how to create a compelling video to work for the tech and consumer audience
  • The team advised on even small details, such as including a cat in their launch image to help build viral appeal for the campaign
  • Dynamo printed chocolate logos and pre-prepared releases for key milestones for the Micro team
  • Dynamo secured key coverage on the day of the Kickstarter launch (April 4th 2014) on Daily Telegraph, Mashable, The InquirerLos Angeles Times, SlashGear, TechRadarTechCrunch, CNET, GizmagThe VergeBGR, GigaOM, Stuff and Wired


  • The Micro hit its $50,000 goal in just 11 minutes – a funding record on Kickstarter
  • BBC covered the story with “$299 3D printer achieves Kickstarter goal in minutes
  • PRWeek also picked up on the story: “PR helps Kickstarter project raise $50,000 in 11 minutes”
  • Our $1m release caused coverage spread around the world to the United States, Germany, Italy, Russia and China on sites including USA Today, Morning News USA, LA Timesde, De Russia, Tech Tudo, Latin Post, and Forbes
  • Fans who have tweeted about The Micro include Varny & Co. (US TV show), Kevin Rose (founder of Digg) and Yancey Strickler (co-founder and CEO of Kickstarter)
  • In three days the campaign had comfortably hit $2m in funding
  • 33,901% return on investment, US and global campaign, managed out of London

the press says

"The outstanding backer support for The Micro printer made it the fastest funded Kickstarter of all time. Dynamo’s campaign went beyond a normal Kickstarter campaign. It showed that consumers are ready for 3D printing in the home and signalled a sea change for adoption of the technology."

Stuart Miles, Founder

Stuart Miles, Founder