Our design team can meet your challenge head on – and fast. In fact the team designed this very website!

Creating the whole picture

What people see defines your brand and the communications environment. In the online world, your visual presence and how well that works is also often the first point of contact for audiences with your brand.

Visualizing your brand in the media has never been more important. You need to be thinking about content creation from the start – up-to-date team photos, product shots and your online identity beautifully made.

In 2012 one of our clients (actually an organisation for the blind, suitably enough) needed help developing their brand. Since then we’ve never looked back, setting up a design team to help with corporate logos, infographics, web sites, social media branding and overall identity.

Design for life

You want your marketing campaign to work harder for you and have that professional sheen. If all goes well you’ll want content that can live on the internet forever, driving traffic to your brand, while keeping your brand values.

Our design team have put together an interactive web app for online retailer, and developed a Here’s To Creativity campaign microsite for mobile phone manufacturer HTC. From 3D models of Chocolate bathrooms to Mad Men infographics, our design team can meet your challenge head on – and fast.

Your business is a living, growing, changing thing, so as it evolves we will ensure that your visual presence shifts and grows too, both on and offline. Whether it’s a website that needs designing or a logo that needs refining, we are committed to working closely with you to ensure that everything we create says the right things about you and your brand.

Bathroom Sweets

Dynamo work with one of the UK’s largest bathroom brands offering more than just publicity. Our PR SEO is built on offering clients PR that goes further, actively moving our clients higher on Google with authentic ‘real’ campaigns that have a phenomenal longterm online impact.

In 2013 the team were briefed to raise the profile of’s British craftsmanship. We worked on creating a real baby bath and ‘Windsor collection’ manufactured to celebrate the birth of HRH Prince George of Cambridge. The team even delivered the bath to Kate, personally, giving interviews with nearby reporters, desperate for any news.

The result was a stunning 60% increase in search traffic, a 97% uplift in Facebook traffic and a jump from number six to number two on Google Search for the online retailer, all driving enquiries and sales to our client.

Brand experience