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Secure your future ranking: make PR work harder for you online with our Digital & Online team.

Integrating SEO and PR

Our Digital PR team is one of the first to offer integrated search engine optimisation (SEO), link building, content marketing, social and PR. Our approach not only makes your PR campaigns more visible and targeted, but also builds a natural inbound link profile and brand signals that Google will trust.

Our team will take an intelligent approach to your PR both on and offline to ensure that you gain not just more, but the right kind of visitors to you website. At Dynamo we develop bespoke reporting for all clients so you can clearly track progress and see the impact of our work specific to your unique goals.

We pride ourselves on developing strategies and shareable content that will stand the test of time and algorithm updates. For we’ve developed a Royal baby bath, the Ultimate bathroom DIY guide and the world’s first Chocolate bathroom.

Future thinking

Being on the first page of Google for key search terms provides you with a huge competitive advantage. However, the days of gaming the system to boost your rankings are gone, rankings now need to be earned.

We frequently work with companies that have received Google penalties, to help them recover not only quickly but safely. If you want to beat your competitors to own the top key terms in your area – whether these are ‘bathrooms suites’ or ‘sign writing’ our tactics will see your website climb up Google search results and stay there.

Our team is led by Rebecca Lee, one of the top SEO PR professionals in the world. She has given talks internationally sharing knowledge about the progressive strategies we employ here at Dynamo.

Case study: wanted to rise their Google ranking for ‘Bathroom Suites’, a key term rivals regularly fight for on ad spend. Dynamo decided to look at the problem differently. What if millions of people spell the name incorrectly as ‘Bathroom sweets’? What would a confectionary based bathroom look like?

The team worked hard to develop the microsite – the first place offering a real life chocolate bathroom, complete with 9.4 million calories and a staggeringly indulgent $114,000 price point.

The story was reported right around the world to New York, India and China. A bathroom fit for Willy Wonka himself, a great fun campaign and a delighted client that saw their rankings for bathroom suites spiral to the top of the major search engines.

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