Gadgets & Accessories

Consumer technology is changing lives. Our team know how to bring gadgets and accessories to the millennial generation.

Understanding the future

Invention is making us smarter, permeating every aspect of our lives. Engineers are helping us to solve problems, entertain and enrich our homes. So you need a PR team that understands the technical side, but knows how to communicate your gadget to a wider audience. That’s where Dynamo come in.

Our consultancy sits carefully at the crossroads between technology and consumer understanding, taking your product to the masses. You want to creatively reach your audience with a campaign that resonates with them – driving brand preference.

From creative campaigns, events and product review programs to broadcast, print and online media relations, content marketing and press office functions, our team helps you break into the lifestyle press; GQ, Vogue and USA Today.

Strategically reaching your audience

Your goals are the cog that drives us: whether they are sales, attracting the next round of investment or new signs ups to your service. This is turned into the best strategy for your success – and then we execute it to the max.

You’ll receive expert insight from our consumer tech team who’ve worked on the iPhone, Nintendo Wii and HTC. From gadget accessories to massive blue-chip players, we make sure you’re receiving top level marketing analysis to push your brand forwards.

Reaching your key stakeholders requires a fine strategic balance. Whether that’s getting the word out to early adopters, lifestyle press or making your product go viral globally. Our gadgets and accessories team are masters of taking new innovation and carefully communicating its value to consumers.

Case study: Native Union

Dynamo supports Native Union to drive sales and raise brand awareness within targeted countries including the US and UK while sitting alongside it’s international team.

Working across the brands beautifully crafted products, Dynamo implements campaigns covering the world’s leading consumer, lifestyle, tech, and design publications such as Vogue US, Forbes, Engadget, CNET, Elle US, and Harper’s Bazaar. This is reinforced with individually prepared, and design led care packages for each journalists and bloggers needs.

These campaigns helped propel the brand into new areas of press and resulted in the most successful company launch to date.

Brand experience