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3Doodler, the world's first printing pen

NEEO the Smart Thinking Remote


Bluesmart Series 2 Smart Luggage

Ticwatch Smartwatch

Jide Remix Mini

We can manage every aspect of your communications, both during your campaign and beyond, from strategy to page development, media relations to paid marketing. We’re the best at what we do, and we do it all. Don’t believe us? We’ll just leave this here .

Crowdfunding PR by people who understand crowdfunding

We were the first agency in the world to set up a crowdfunding division, and we’ve won more awards for our crowdfunding PR than any other company, with good reason:

On average, we’ve raised over $700,000 per crowdfunding campaign, achieving roughly 10x returns vs client goals. We’re recommended by Kickstarter and Indiegogo themselves.

Nearly 60% of crowdfunding campaigns fail, but at Dynamo, we’ve got a success rate of 80%. Because we provide the know-how, the contacts, and the routes to customers to propel your campaign and achieve global recognition.

Building your brand the right way

We also blend our PR efforts with our digital strategies to drive leads and conversions for your brand. We build your community and raise your brand awareness to ensure you achieve the best results for your crowdfunding campaign. For us, it’s important not to just have the biggest audience, but the right audience for your brand and product.

We turn early adopters into loyal backers and then inspire audiences by building your brand post-crowdfunding. 

Through a whole host of traditional media relations and digital marketing strategies, including paid advertising, content marketing, website consultation and social media, we understand what’s needed for your business to grow and succeed.