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Our mobile team will connect you to the right players to make you part of consumers’ conversations.

Comms to drive sales

Since the launch of Apple’s iPhone in 2007 and Google’s Android OS in 2009 the smartphone space has transformed our lives. Dynamo has been there every step of the way working on launches for Symbian, BlackBerry, O2 and iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia, Samsung, Sony and HTC.

With experience on the operator side of EE, O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Three, if you work with Dynamo you have one of the most experienced mobile PR teams out there. Whether you’re looking to sell more of the hit smartphone of the year, become the no.1 mobile network or get your app to the top of the App store our team have done all this before.

The space is moving so fast that you need a team with the knowledge and experience to predict future trends. Dynamo started making a Gold HTC One before even a hint of speculation on a Gold iPhone from Apple.

Creative, collaborative communications

Developing your strategy for this highly competitive and commoditized space is a key challenge we look at here every day. Getting to the top of the app store is getting harder with four times as much spent on marketing compared to just a year ago. Equally in the mobile and operator space reaching consumers is getting increasingly challenging.

To stand out in such a competitive space you need to take a risk and create new stories for the media. You would be working with a team that have worked with inspirational designers to create the Gramohorn II for HTC and ‘friends with benefits’ contract for

Whether you want to boost sales, brand awareness or have a hit app that goes viral, the Dynamo team were the first to run a major marketing campaign around selfies and know the sector inside out. Why not give us a call?

Case study: HTC One

The team was called in by HTC to raise awareness of surely the biggest (and best) Android phone of the year – the HTC One. With the device already gaining favorable reviews, Dynamo had to come up with a new angle to sustain press in the run up to the key holiday season.

Dynamo worked behind the scenes to create, test and launch the most expensive phone HTC had ever produced. An 18-carat gold phone worth almost $4,000. Launched to the media in a bomb-proof box handled by security, a further two promotional gold phones were given away to winners at the MOBO Awards.

Press claimed that, unlike Apple’s champagne gold version, this was the real deal and HTC loved the campaign so much they took over New York Times Square with the superstar device.

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