Smart Life

Transforming your intelligent technology into lifestyle experiences and solutions for consumers, our Smart Life team helps you open new doors.

Smarter Ways of Working

Winning the battle for the future of the home is becoming fierce with the designer of the iPod going after thermostats, established played like Phillips rewiring our lighting and Apple and Google trying to change the health of humanity.

‘Connected’ technology is making us work smarter and so, new for 2014, Dynamo has launched the first team dedicated to the smart home and measuring our quantitative lives.

Your engineers have been working away for potentially years on this space and, to excuse the pun, things are seriously heating up. Consumers are increasingly wearing fitness trackers and expecting their smartphone to be able to control their home. You need a team that know this space inside out and can draw on mobile, consumer tech and digital experience to deliver you the perfect launch – and keep sales going.

Technology for Life

Dynamo has always talked about ‘working smarter’ in our approach to PR. Our Smart Life team includes people with experience of working for Apple, Nintendo and Sony. In Nintendo’s case they may have predicted the entire Smart Life trend with the launch of the Wii Fit in 2008.

You’ll want to launch – and fast. But you also need a team strong enough to select the best possible strategic time to launch, navigating announcements from Apple, Amazon and Google to maximise media attention. Our team also attend many major shows each year and can advise on CES in Vegas, MWC in Barcelona and IFA in Berlin.

Smart Life is a fast growing, fantastically exciting area that is transforming lives. If you want to work with the team geared up for this from day one then get in touch.


Continuing our expansion into the wearables market, Dynamo was approached by French company Digitsole to launch the first truly interactive insole on Kickstarter. Digitsole combines the functions of a smart watch with heating capabilities, all controlled via an app. Dynamo was tasked with reaching not only consumer tech press, but also a more general lifestyle and sports audience to ensure maximum exposure for a multi-functioning product.

Global outreach ensured Digitsole was covered by a gargantuan number of publications, with over 170 items of coverage generated within the first three weeks of the product’s Kickstarter launch. This included big names in both lifestyle and tech media, such as Men’s Fitness, The Gadget ShowEngadgetTechCrunch and Ask Men.

As a result, the $40,000 goal was reached in its first five days, with top tier coverage national publications, including Mail Online and The Metro reporting the product as an innovation worth investing in.

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