Wearable Tech and Smart Home PR

The smart home and wearable tech market is experiencing massive growth. Dynamo has an experienced and knowledgeable PR team to help you drive preference, purchases, and customer loyalty.

Smart Home PR

Our Wearable Tech and Smart Home PR team brings together knowledge from across a wide range of technology products with experience of working for clients such as Apple and Sony. Dynamo has successfully launched many products in this market such as Koubachi, a wifi plant sensor and Bluesmart, the world’s first smart, connected suitcase.

Winning the battle for the future of the home is becoming fierce with the designer of the iPod going after thermostats, established players like Philips rewiring our lighting and Apple and Google muscling in to try to own the smart home.

‘Connected’ technology is making our lives and homes smarter and so, in 2014 Dynamo launched its first team dedicated to smart home technology, a market predicted to reach $7.8 billion revenue in the US alone.

Wearable Tech PR

Wearable tech with devices combining fashion, fitness and processing power represents a particular PR challenge as new devices need to reach mainstream consumers. This market is set to explode, with figures indicating one in ten consumers want a wearable tech device, and volumes shipped reaching close to half a billion by 2018.

Your PR team has experience dating back from 2008 with launching the Nintendo Wii Fit, up to the present day securing over $250,000 in funding for a fitness band, and will help you in this crowded, noisy and aggressive market. You’ll want to launch – and fast. But you also need a team knowledgable enough to select the best possible time, and strategy, to launch.

Get in touch, and let us introduce you to your PR team that will work with you to achieve your goals.


Following a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, where we helped the ultimate smart remote raise over $1.5m, NEEO wanted to showcase the product to journalists for the very first time at CES in Las Vegas.

Dynamo invited journalists including WIRED, Engadget and Digital Trends to a suite in The Venetian for a fully interactive NEEO experience. We didn’t want the press to just see the product, we wanted to show them exactly what it can do and why it is unique.

Press praised the smart remote and its capabilities, calling it spectacular and perfectly designed.

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